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                                    Official home of the Artwork, Ideas and Humour of Paul M. Ellender.

Th'Engineer, Th'Alfa 'n' Th'Artist


Artist, Cartoonist, Engineer,

Racing Driver, Publisher, Film Extra

Business Improvement Specialist

That's what Paul likes to put on his CV or any letters of introduction. Having completed 64 orbits of our local star Paul has pulled together a wealth of experience which also includes Rally Marshall, Racing Driver, and

Business Improvement Specialist, in the Aircraft Industry.

All of which allowed him to create the totally 

new cartoon style of the Rallyist, later developed into

Rallyist-Art and later the business of

Rallyist Publications.

The Main Focus of activity at the moment

is the creation of

The Rallyist Motor Sport Art Gallery

Paul is originally from Blackburn, is currently based in Leyland, Lancashire with Wife Lynn, 

and they shares their lives with

two Sons and two Grand daughters.




Turner / Miller / Fitter, CNC, 

Tufting & Weaving Machinery, Fire Equipment Manufacture, 

Beer Pumps & Wine Engine Development / Manufacture,

Mining Equipment, Foundry Machine Manufacture, Aircraft Engine Components, Rocket Engines, Motor Car Engines.

 Racing Motor Bike Components.

5S, Route Cause Analysis, Lean Manufacture, 

Factory Plan and Layout, Control Board design and Systems,

Visual Management, Project Lead and Management.

Rockets, Racing Cars, Rally Cars.

And a Lot of years on a lot of Shop Floors

Just in case you were wondering 

where the sense of humour came from. 


The Racing Years

Photograph by Steve Jones   ©  Steve Jones 

The Rallyist

Originally inspired by a Trade stand at the 2007 Autosport show under the banner of Rallyist.co, Rallyist Publications came into being in 2009 with the launch of the cartoon Book 'The Rallyist', a light-hearted look at the world of Rallying. Work of course started on the Rallyist many years before while Artist / Cartoonist Paul M. Ellender worked in engineering. The drive to follow the First Book with Rallyist-2 in 2010 also opened the way for Rallyist Merchandise and further development of the Artwork Style into Rallyist Art, a unique combination of Pencil, Ink, and CGI.

The potential of Humour and Artwork soon found its was into engineering through related Business Improvement with great application to visual management in a work environment and later in Rally Safety and the Rallyist Have Fun Be Safe Campaign launched in the 2014 Wales Rally GB Programme.

The Rallyist Motorsport Art Gallery has evolved from the 4m x 4m Marquee following Rallies and other motor sport events into a project to satisfy a need to display Rallyist Art as it should be and is the main Focal point of Rallyist Activity with a view to taking Rallyist Publications into a bigger future.

PME Engineering has forever been in the background of Rallyist originally the base for Paul's Motor Racing Career, with Th'Alfa Racing, but later a window on, not only, Rallyist's industrial Visual Management potential but also on Concept Ideas.

Rallyist Time Line

The Story...So Far

"Of course I didn't actually start off with this in mind."

From Engineer

to Racing Driver to Business Improvement Specialist

Artist/Cartoonist, Publisher and....

From those early days

PME Engineering &

Th'Alfa Racing

PME Engineering started life as the base for my racing interests Firstly with development of a FF1600 team. Later Projects covered D-P Racing when we moved into Production Saloon Car Racing a Vauxhall Chevette and with Th'Alfa Racing an Alfasud 1300Ti.

Racing Activity closed in 1983 though the name carries on covering Concept projects.

PME Engineering

The Rallyist

& Rallyist Publications

Following involvement in Rallying at Club Level as a Stage and Sector Marshall, The humour with the sport soon became apparent. Combined with a artistic bent the idea soon formed to turn the cartoons in a Book. Finding a Publisher was a problem, until the advised to take a look at Publishing myself resulted in 2009 with launch of both the cartoon book 'The Rallyist' and Rallyist Publications.


From the beginning the search was on to develop an Art style that was my own and unique. As the Rallyist Cartoon Style opened the way for requests for commissions for owners cars, and on to famous cars. As this commssion art Semi-Cartoon Style evolved it became Rallyist-Art   

The Rallyist Trade Stand

Of Course once you have produced the artwork, you have created a style that is Yours, Rallyist Art then you have to show then you Have to Sell It.

A return to the White Van and travelling the Country The Rallyist Trade stand has travelled visited many Big Events, the Autosport Show, Race Retro, Rally day, and the Rally Show, The Oulton Park Gold Cup, Wales Rally GB, and the Noth West Stages. The Little 4m x 4m Maquee has done its bit. Future trade stand activity will fall under The Rallyist Motor Sport Art Gallery Shop, while online support will develop under Rallyist.Co and Redbubble.com.

Social Media

Originally launched with www.rallyist.co.uk and later expanded with www.therallyist.com we continue to drive of awareness in the Rallyist brand with, Two current sites support Rallyist with www.rallyistpublications.com and www.rallyist.co. These sites are supported by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Deviant Art. Therallyist.com is still owned by Rallyist Publications and will be relaunched later this year. PME Engineering / Th'Alfa Racing will showcase independently later this year.

The Future

The quest to expand awareness of the Rallyist Brand is now taking us, not in as much in a new direction, but certainly looking at a greater audience. We are creating a Mobile Art Gallery which will put artwork on show across the UK & Europe. Display art in a way not possible from a small 4x4 marquee. Offering the public an art Gallery Experience. With the added feature of Display Space, and the Performing Arts....  

The Evolution of a Rallyist Art

Below you will see several artistic styles ranging from the original Clitheroe & District Club Magazine artwork, the development of Fine Art, which in turn was applied to Cartoons with the introduction of Colour. Characters evolved and the humour reintroduce.

The Rallyist & Rallyist-2 followed with Rallyist Publications, and with the introduction of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Rallyist-Art. Suddenly we had Merchandise, firstly with the Colouring Book (Still the only Rally Colouring Book in the world) then Mugs & T/Shirts.

The final Chapter for now 'The Roger Rabbit Effect' and combination of Cartoon Art and a photographic background.